DELETE apis/HitCom

DELETE - SS Storno Deleting a Resource (cruD) If a DELETE request succeeds, it can return status 200 (OK) with an entity-body that describes the status; status 202 (Accepted) if the deletion is still pending; or status 204 (No Content) with no entity body. In this case, the DeleteProduct method has a void return type, so ASP.NET Web API automatically translates this into status code 204 (No Content).

Request Information


NameDescriptionAdditional information
Die Input-Strukur.

Define this parameter in the request body.

Request body formats

application/json, text/json

  "Subcode": "sample string 1",
  "Meldung": "sample string 2",
  "Feldliste": "sample string 3",
  "Datenliste": "sample string 4",
  "Bnr": "sample string 5",
  "Mbn": "sample string 6",
  "Pin": "sample string 7",
  "Mandant": "sample string 8",
  "Parameter": "sample string 9",
  "Session": "sample string 10",
  "Secret": "sample string 11",
  "Timeout": "sample string 12",
  "Ausgabeform": "sample string 13",
  "Context": "sample string 14"

application/xml, text/xml

<HitComInput xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <Ausgabeform>sample string 13</Ausgabeform>
  <Bnr>sample string 5</Bnr>
  <Context>sample string 14</Context>
  <Mandant>sample string 8</Mandant>
  <Mbn>sample string 6</Mbn>
  <Parameter>sample string 9</Parameter>
  <Pin>sample string 7</Pin>
  <Secret>sample string 11</Secret>
  <Session>sample string 10</Session>
  <Timeout>sample string 12</Timeout>
  <Datenliste>sample string 4</Datenliste>
  <Feldliste>sample string 3</Feldliste>
  <Meldung>sample string 2</Meldung>
  <Subcode>sample string 1</Subcode>



Failed to generate the sample for media type 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'. Cannot use formatter 'JQueryMvcFormUrlEncodedFormatter' to write type 'HitComInput'.

Response Information

No documentation available.

Response body formats

application/json, text/json, application/xml, text/xml


Sample not available.